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What Can I Have ?

Thank you for visiting Blink International's Battery Watering Systems information site.

We trust your time spent with us is worthwhile.

Battery maintenance has been for decades a most unpleasant, time consuming and potentially dangerous business. When you consider it takes between 20 -30 minutes to manually top up a battery correctly it is a very costly process.

Forget that.

The BFS Battery Watering System will accurately and efficiently fill the same battery in less that 1 minute, first time, every time without fail. As the water flows through a single connection the time filling batteries is reduced by 90% to 95% which translates to huge labour savings over the course of the batteries service life. In addition the piece of mind our system provides the personnel who are responsible for maintaining the battery fleet is industry leading and without pier.

Blink International invites you to look through what we have to offer and see how safe, easy and cost effective maintaining batteries can be using the worlds leading manufacturer of Battery Watering Systems.



Allows for hydrometer readings to be carried out safely and quickly without removing the plug.


A visual indication that each battery cell is filled properly.


This feature retains a small amount of water in each plug that creates a trap, preventing dangerous hydrogen gas from moving between cells.


Our patented double chamber keeps dangerous hydrogen gas and water movements separate.


When the electrolyte levels rise, the lever pushes the shutoff valve in the closed direction. Overfilling is ompletely eliminated as the valve closes in the direction of the water flow.


Regardless of battery type or brand, custom sized floats ensure correct level control every time.


Exiting gasses are forced through a drying chamber resulting in less electrolyte escaping and less frequent watering intervals.

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